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Hi, I’m Kristina. I’m an enthusiastic reader, writer, runner, time-killer, and bourbon drinker. You can easily find me anytime of the day with one eye on trending topics and news and the other on a riveting storyline. Like most readers, my love for books started when I was just a toddler. I devoured them at a young age and would spend countless hours in a single and unmoving position, refusing to put a book down for fear of missing an upcoming scene or plot twist. I would reread books until the pages crinkled beneath my fingers and the covers showed wear that would easily be mistaken for a decade instead of a single summer. Truth be told I can’t remember a time during my childhood that wasn’t spent with a book in hand or in my backpack. And even though I’ve been told this isn’t factual, I still believe that my eyesight went south after spending one summer reading books late into the night, under covers, and with a poorly-lit flashlight in hand. Happily I have since corrected that defect with Lasik (let’s see how long it takes me to ruin them again).

While I spend my Mondays to Fridays stuck in a cubicle, caught up in the world of corporate contracting and business analytics, my goal is to use this blog as a tool to not only develop my personal writing but to also review books and other blogs. This is a space that should foster discussion and allow like-minded people to discuss issues and narratives raised in books, illicit recommendations for new and emerging writers, and in the end give props to all those who possess passion and drive when it comes to the written word.

I love reading anything from books to short stories in an obscure magazine. So if you have a book you think I might enjoy, by all means let me know! I will try to get to each and every suggestion. You never know, you might just see a review of yours posted here.

Where you can find me:

Thirty On Tap
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For those with political interests who enjoy progressive ideals and idiosyncratic musings check out my other blog: SelectivelyAttentive. You can also follow me at Twitter (@Kris2Leigh).