‘Remember the ladies!’ (July 20, 2016)

‘Remember the ladies!’ Dear Abby urged her beau
But when John helped pen, our nation’s hymn,
Her words he did forgo.

Phillis Wheatley refused to stay mum.
And under harsh white man’s thumb,
She penned her faith in written word
So that all enslaved, would be heard.

When Lewis and Clark stumbled lost in the dark,
Sacajawea did not yell or bark.
She led with patience, and a sure flat heel
So that a brand new world would be revealed.

Truth and courage felled Sojourner’s plight
As she led the freedom fight.
In Stowe she met a kindred soul.
Whose Uncle Tom failed to console.

Julia Howe did battle where few had been.
Her unrelenting melee led to our win.
With voted confidence she nationalized our right,
So that all women could join in political fight.

Clara Barton’s aid to both free and enslaved,
Was hated by all that sought black skin to grave.
Mother Jones heard the call of labors’ moans
And sought to protect the worker from loss of home.

Jane Addams preceded Balch in Nobel pursuit
To ensure living wage took fast legal root.
Family planning and reform became the lasting keys
That forever enshrined Sanger’s potent legacy.

Eleanor did not bow to man or state.
She did not stay silent and turn a blind eye to hate.
With steady right hand, she pushed for equality throughout our land,
Refusing to base judgment by the color of any man.

Earhart flew higher than any woman before her.
Anderson’s voice rang truer, calling justice against wrongdoers.
And for the tribes that got lost in the political fray,
Esther Ross gave fifty years so that they could have a say.

When Parks refused to move from her seat,
Her civil unrest sparked a movement that could not be beat.
Fitzgerald and Franklin’s songs stirred against old time brass,
With bellicose baritone, they became master of their craft.

To those who put Marilyn in the blonde bombshell jar,
Don’t forget her wits could beat yours by far.
Shirley Temple did dance and thrill our hearts,
Later in life a diplomat, to play an important part.

Coretta Scott King, knew but one thing,
First Lady of Civil Rights, she spoke outright.
To Angelou she looked for inspiration in a book,
Whose bird burst forth from its cage onto its eternal page.

With O’Connor on high she leveled her gavel
Standing firm with Roe, a woman’s right she would not unravel.
Walters did not blink in bright camera’s light.
She did not flinch, she did not stoop to spite.

‘Remember the ladies!’ did Abby justly foresee.
And now we have, our first real chance,
To set a lasting precedent.

To Hillary we place our faith
That women can overcome hate.
Battered but not torn down,
‘I’m With Her’ cheers the crowd.
Her achievements are many,
Her failures far and few.
I do not doubt her power,
To crush the orange buffoon.

To all the ladies that stand tall, full of clout,
To the quiet who dare to whisper not shout.
To old and young, fair and dark,
To all who ache to make their mark.
To the strong, the loud, the unabashedly proud,
To those who stand before a raucous crowd.
To the few who will never plateau,
From notorious RBG to fierce Michelle O.

Join your hands and make your voices ring strong.
We will no longer be silenced.
We will stand up as one.

‘Remember the ladies!’
Remember us all.
We will never give up,
We will never, ever fall.