My Lady, Resolute (October 9, 2014)

Do not disturb my lady
Though she sits quiet and alone
She finds her peace, underneath,
Thoughtful in repose.
She walks among the hungry men,
Her beauty blind to only one,
Is looked upon and panted after
Cursed with being young.
The shy men hide their gaze
And restrain their trembling tongues
If her eyes should fall upon you
Risk your heart undone;
By the sweetness of her mouth
The tender curve of her hips
Her scent, as wet earth,
The longing to taste her lips.
Oh! Wretched Heaven!
Why send such an angel to me
Within each blessed hour
I fight the urge to flee, and
When daylight yields to evening
And the sun has spent its warmth
My lady remains ever constant
Her love she surrenders forth.