My Dear (January 11, 2015)

My Dear, I loved you when I saw your face
Fresh and young, with thoughtless care,
And when the blush graced your cheeks
With flush of red I kissed you deep.
Beneath lashes, darkened silky veils,
Eyes glistened bright, a dusky pale,
Your hands were warm when wrapped beneath
I trembled, trapped in their release.
The stars delight upon your brow
And dance and play and laugh carefree,
I loved you more when they looked down
And in reflection saw only me.

My Dear, I loved you as you grew wise
And age and years traded you in kind,
I traced the creased lines of life’s disputes
And wiped the tear stains you felt acute.
Entwined my fingers would stroke your hair
And soothe your pain with gentle care.

My Dear, to me, you stayed unchanged
From the boy I loved that day.
We traveled life, paths untread,
Under starry nights we shared our bed.
Ever, forever, I’ll hold you close
In my heart, my faithful rose.