Love and Gun Powder

They were not supposed to meet. Riley was a city boy born in Boston. Kat, a small town girl who grew up playing in the fields and creek beds surrounding her neighborhood. Both lives took very different paths and as each grew older they looked for their own place in the world. But after a chance meeting their lives are defined by an improbable love story that crosses seas and countries, tested by patience and a willingness to accept the unknown. Kat doesn’t know exactly what Riley does when he is away for work. She waits weeks, months, and even years, for his return, never knowing when or the type of man he will be once home. Riley must come to terms with the fact he will never be able to tell Kat who he really is and what he does. It is their unfailing faith and love and respect for one another that keeps them bound. Whether or not they will realize that love is anyone’s guess.

Chapters Written:

Part One – My Name is Riley