My Poetry

Poetry is one of the truest forms of self expression. It is raw emotion that can take various forms, flowing and ebbing along life’s paths. For me, poetry is a medium to express both my conscious and subconscious thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and life experiences. It can inspire wisdom, help heal a broken heart, and provide voice for the invisible (wo)man. I tend to stick to the more classical forms with set rhythm and rhyme. Some of my favorite poets include standard bearers Geoffrey Chaucer, Edmund Spencer, Phillis Wheatley, Walt Whitman, W.B. Yeats, William Wordsworth, William Blake, Langston Hughes, Robert Frost, and Sylvia Plath. I also really enjoy Rita Dove, Philip Levine, and Maya Angelou. Most recently I have been popping into old books stores looking for translated and illustrated versions of old Oriental poetry. It’s different but still beautiful.