Addiction (January 21, 2016)

My throat is dry, words scarce
The morning sun just a break above the earth
Hands itch for a simple touch
My lips part hungry, thirsting for a drop
I can’t control the shaking
My knees go weak and limp in bed
I grasp the sheets taut to me
And throw a pillow flush against my head
Sweat slips along my body
Caressing my skin with blinding pain
I bite my lip from shrieking
And whisper, pleading for the grief to end
Eyes shut tight to forget
Forcing to draw comfort from my dreams
I still my arms from shaking
My mouth no longer screams
We play along the river
And dance blithe in the fading sun
We kiss in pleasant shadows
And wish for nothing to be undone
But once again I wake
Respite becomes elusive, powerless to retain
The cycle starts at zero
Thus keeps my addiction for another day