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Book Review: The Right Stuff

Tom Wolfe’s The Right Stuff (1979) is both an intimate look into the lives of early American aviators as well as a thorough review of the development of NASA and U.S. space program.… Continue reading

Book Review: The Lowland

In The Lowland (2013) by Jhumpa Lahiri the personal and political intermix to bring us the tragic story of two brothers; who, though separated by a continent and ocean, are unbreakably linked through… Continue reading

Book Review: Martin Luther King Jr. On Leadership

I am a student of history – I love it. I spent many evenings after dinner sitting in the living room watching the news with my father discussing historical events and the importance… Continue reading

Book Review: The Man In The High Castle

I usually am a big fan of alternate history fiction; especially anything that has to do with 20th century America. It’s a chance to really think about what the world would be like… Continue reading