Add a little poetry to your life this month

April is National Poetry Month, and whether this month will be your virgin venture into the poetic form or you are a veteran lover, it’s important to take a few minutes out of your day and revel in the beauty, pain, and expressiveness that poetry has to offer.

So take a moment, craft a verse! Or pick up a book and dust off the covers. There is so much to discover between the bindings. You may find yourself transported back in time or faced with an internal struggle. Love is lost and found, and then lost again. You may confront your own demons or question the existence of others. In the end it doesn’t matter what poetry means to those around you; all that really matters is how it affects your life and the joy and value you receive from it.

Even if you are not a poetic aficionado, there are many different ways for you to experience poetry this month. You can sign up for a poetry-a-day app (POETRY from the Poetry Foundation) or use an app to help you find that perfect word for your own poetry when stuck (Instant Poetry). You can give a shout out to your favorite poet on the Twitter Poetry Club page and hashtag inspiration haikus to your heart’s delight. Small mementos of your daily thoughts and feelings.

How ever you choose to celebrate National Poetry Month just make sure it’s the right way for you. Now let’s get our verse on!

Promise me a moment
Or let me at least speak
Ever since I held a pen
The words fall out, they leak
Running down my arm
Yanking thoughts from my dreams

I cannot stop the shaking, or
Stop my inner screams

All day long I write
Words flow forth with ease
Each phrase I craft, I utter
Stated as decrees
Onward I write and scribble
My hands begin to cramp
Eternally my poem lives
!‘ve made my lasting stamp